TEHRAN - The meeting of the board of the president of the football federation was held and after voting by the members of the board of directors, Majedi was elected as the head of the federation.

TEHRAN - The president of the Asian Football Confederation congratulated Mirshad Majedi on the phone.

TEHRAN - The U-19 national team won the match against Kyrgyzstan 6-1.

TEHRAN - The draw for the Asian Under-23 Football Cup was held.
Iran 10 - Afghanistan 3

TEHRAN - Iran 10 - Afghanistan 3
Announcing the FIFA rankings;

TEHRAN - In the latest FIFA rankings, the Iranian national team was ranked first in Asia as before.
Under-18 Girls Football Tournament CAFA - Tajikistan

TEHRAN - The Central Asian Girls' Under-18 Football Championship (CAFA) will be hosted by Dushanbe with teams from Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
CAFA Futsal Tournament Under 19 Boys - Kyrgyzstan

TEHRAN - This morning, a press conference was held for the head coaches and a coordination meeting of the heads of the teams present at the CAFA Under-19 Futsal Tournament.

TEHRAN - The meeting of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Coordination and Planning Headquarters was held today.

TEHRAN - The World Football Federation sent a message of congratulations to the Football Federation.

TEHRAN - The head coach of the Iranian national football team spoke to the media at a press conference after the match between Iran and the UAE.
The fourteenth victory for the national team of Iran

TEHRAN - The Iranian national football team won its eighth match in the final qualifying round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup against the UAE.

TEHRAN - The Iraq coach congratulated the Iranian national team on reaching the 2022 World Cup.
I was underestimated but I finally proved myself

TEHRAN - The head coach of the Iranian national football team had a special praise for his students after qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.