TEHRAN - The latest ranking of the World Football Federation was announced.

TEHRAN - The players of the national football team believe that the match against India was very difficult and it was a great experience for the national football team.
CAFA Women's Futsal Tournament 2022 - Tajikistan

TEHRAN - The CAFA Women's Futsal Tournament will start today, February 22, in Dushanbe, where the Iranian referees will judge the tournament.
The president of the federation in a telephone call with the staff and players of the women's national football team

TEHRAN - The president of the Football Federation, after draw of the Iranian women against the host of the Asian Cup, called the first historic point in this tournament promising to continue.
We were able to get the least points in this game

TEHRAN - The head coach of the women's national football team gave an explanation at the press conference after the match against India.

TEHRAN - The goalkeeper of our national women's soccer team became the best player in the Iran-India match.
AFC Women's Asian Cup 2022

TEHRAN - The match between the national women's soccer teams of Iran and India ended without a goal.

TEHRAN - The head coach of the women's national football team says, "I hope we can perform well and have some brilliant days in India."

TEHRAN - The schedule for the qualifying round of the Asian Futsal Nations Cup has been announced.

TEHRAN - The Secretary General of the Football Federation emphasized that the Football Federation will soon pass laws that require clubs in Iran to obtain professional and national licenses.
Holding the CAFA Women's Futsal Championship Tournament

TEHRAN - The CAFA 2022 Women's Futsal Championship will be hosted by Tajikistan.

TEHRAN - The Vice President of the Women's Football Federation made some remarks regarding the selection of the head coach of women's futsal.

TEHRAN - The Iranian women referees will judge the Asian Women's Football Cup in India.

TEHRAN - Maryam Irandoost's students climbed two steps in the world ranking of national women's soccer teams.

TEHRAN - A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Iranian and Qatari football federations.