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Publish Date: 15 November 2021 - 20:04
TEHRAN - National team coach Marijo Tot answered reporters' questions at a news conference before the match against Syria.
 "We have another important game tomorrow," Marijo Tot said of the national team's situation against Syria.  After the 5 games we played in this group, we have five more important games ahead of us. I hope we have a good trend. Tomorrow's game will be hosted by Syria in Jordan and we expect a tough game. No team can say against Syria in this field. The game has been easy, but we hope that our invincibility will continue. If the players appear on the field with 100% discipline, enthusiasm and energy, we can end this game in our favor with a positive result.
 Tomorrow we will have a tough game against Syria
 Regarding the challenge of sitting on the bench as head coach for the first time, Marijo Tot said: "I have to correct your words. I am not the first to sit on the bench of the Iranian national football team as head coach, but in the game against Syria when the head coach of the national football team  Iran was sick. As the head coach, I was in charge of leading the team, and in relation to the interaction with the head coach, this interaction will take place and there will be no problem in this regard.
If you want to change the system in tomorrow's game and play with two strikers, considering that you do not have Mehdi Taremi, what player do you consider as a replacement for Mehdi Taremi? Marijo Tot replied: Maybe the answer I give is a little disappointing for you.  But we have not yet reached the final conclusion for tomorrow's squad, but what we are sure of is that every player who will be on the field tomorrow, whether he is fixed or a substitute, will do his best.  If, with God's help, we can win tomorrow's game, we can take a very big step towards our goal, which is to reach the World Cup.
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