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Publish Date: 15 November 2021 - 20:35
TEHRAN - National team player Vahid Amiri answered reporters at a press conference before the match against Syria.
Regarding the situation of the national team, Vahid Amiri said: "I also greet all the dear ones. I thank God that the conditions of the team are very good. The result we got in the last game has given a good confidence to the team, But this is not a reason to take tomorrow's game lightly and enter the game with peace of mind. Because we have always experienced a tough game against Syria and I am sure that our game against Syria will be tough tomorrow as well, but we have had a very good training session in these few days and we believe that we can play a regular game tomorrow. Get closer to the World Cup and get three game points away from any margins."
 In response to a question about the change in his position on the field, Vahid Amiri said: "In a club game, it happened to me to play in a different position from my main position, but it rarely happened that this change took place between two halves or The end of the game happens, I have come to terms with this issue and I have a problem. I do not want to look at this as a challenge. And I have come to terms with it and I will not let it negatively affect my performance. In the last few years, I have changed a lot of positions and played in different positions. This change of position does not distract me and most of my effort is to be at the disposal of the team at the same time and I do not intend to show off."
 Vahid Amiri, in response to a question about the Instagram post of all the players of the national team, said: "This incident does not change the course of the team. Sometimes there may be shortcomings in the family, but it has always happened. We have come to terms with such problems and habit. I think this may not be a big issue for me to talk about, but when we get closer to the game, it is not appropriate to talk about these issues and the margins that have arisen. You leave this talk for after the game. So that we can focus on bringing the team to the conditions and position we want tomorrow."
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