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Publish Date: 20 January 2022 - 20:53
We were able to get the least points in this game
TEHRAN - The head coach of the women's national football team gave an explanation at the press conference after the match against India.
Maryam Irandoost said after the match against India in the post-match news conference: "The first match is always the toughest match. My players were making their first appearances in the tournament and had not played in the last five months, there was some stress on the team; But I think and all the people saw that my team did its best to defend the name of Iran.
 He added: "It was very important for us and we anticipated that India will definitely be a strong team given the long time it has been planning. But we were able to get the least points in this game.  We turned to defense and counterattack, but maybe the strength and energy that the Iranian people sent to our team, we wanted to get the full score from this match. The national women's soccer team really came out on top.
 The head coach of the national team further said about the match against China: "This team is one of the powers of Asia and against China, we will definitely enter the field with a plan. But this game that I saw from my team today performed well, I think against China, too, we can keep the gate closed with the good ability of our goalkeeper."
 She added: "I have a lot of faith in my team and we entered this tournament with a plan. We hope to climb this group."
 Irandoost stated in the end: "I think all the players were the best and Koudaei was one of the best players who was able to do his job well.  Hajar Dabbaghi ​​is behind Forward and I think as a designer midfielder she did a good job when she had the ball and when she did not have the ball her job was pressed two Indian design midfielders. It was hard work, but with the ability we had from Hajar, we put her in this position. Dabbaghi was able to perform his duties well due to the injury she suffered from ankle."
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