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Publish Date: 20 January 2022 - 21:11
The president of the federation in a telephone call with the staff and players of the women's national football team
TEHRAN - The president of the Football Federation, after draw of the Iranian women against the host of the Asian Cup, called the first historic point in this tournament promising to continue.
 Shahaboddin Azizi Khadem, in a phone call to the staff and players of the women's national football team, said: "I was watching your performance in front of the host of this tournament. It is a matter of pride that all the members of the team were present on the field with all their might and you were a worthy representative for the girls of this region. Your merit is more than this, and in the next game against China, we will be happy if you get a result, and if a good result is not achieved, you will still be worthy and respected as the girls who make history in Iranian football."
 He further told the members of the women's national team: "The team definitely has great potential and I hope you will return with a full hand. Certainly, the message of the President, the presence of the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, and the Minister of Sports and Youth, shows the importance of this team for all Iranians. Today you fought selflessly for Iran."
 In the end, the president of the football federation announced that if the women's national team draws with China, the players and staff will be rewarded with a victory bonus.
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