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Publish Date: 26 January 2022 - 17:45
We have changes in the team composition
TEHRAN - The head coach of our national football team emphasized in a press conference before tomorrow's match against Iraq that this match can determine our promotion to the World Cup.
Dragan Skocic initially said in this press conference: "This game is very important for us because it can determine our promotion to the World Cup. I saw the Iraq games in the Arab Cup and I know that it is a young and energetic team. Of course, the conditions are not ideal.  We do not have 4 players due to Corona virus.  Mehdi Taremi has not joined us yet.  However, our players are ready.  The team we have is good enough.  If we are on the ground with all our might, we can get a good result."
 He continued: "My main concern is tomorrow's game. After this game, we think about other games and how we can move forward. We will definitely have changes in the team.  Each player who plays has his own unique characteristics. That's why we may not appear with the usual squad, but I'm sure all the players will play with all their might and we can get off the field with our hands full."
 The head coach of the Iranian national football team said about inviting the Kanaanizadegan: "I must say that moral principles are very important for the team and myself. If there is one thing that is a priority, it is moral issues. We must be careful because we represent our country. I do not agree with this behavior, and this behavior may be far from honorable on the part of this player, but at the moment we have not received any credible evidence and the case is open in the ethics committee.  I do not want to punish or judge anyone for cyber talk and retaliate prematurely.  It was a turning point to know what our position is at the national level, and we must pay attention to the fact that we represent a country and be careful about our behavior, and this is a lesson for others to be careful that this does not happen."
 The head coach of Iran said about the opposition of the Russian Zenit club to providing the test captain to our national team: Zenit can not oppose because now it is "Fifaday". They first said that Sardar's test result was positive, but then the coronation test result was negative. We must refer to AFC rules for such situations.  What is clear is that we do not have players tomorrow.
 The head coach of the Iranian national team, in response to the question of what he knows about the technical ideas of the Iraqi head coach since his presence at the head of the Iraqi technical staff, said: "Every new coach has a new perspective. He was able to make Iraq younger and more energetic.  When he played for Dynamo, I was a Rihaka player and I know him.  In general, we know and are ready for tomorrow's game."
 He clarified about the quality of the substitutes considering the involvement of the main multiplayer player in Corona: "I do not think anything unexpected will happen about the change."  There is one night left to play, which is a long night for me to choose the lineup.  Naturally, choosing a replacement for players like Sardar Azmoun and Ahmad Nourollahi is difficult.  Anyway, we will go to the field tomorrow with a full team."
 Asked if he thought the Football Federation could not have planned better for Mehdi Taremi's presence in Iran, Skocic added: "It was the federation's duty to plan and I know it has done its best because it knows Mehdi Taremi is a player. It is important for us.  Honestly, I am not a weather expert to talk about bad weather and flight cancellations."
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