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Publish Date: 26 January 2022 - 20:06
Iranian girls can succeed with their good technique and energy
TEHRAN - The head coach of the Iranian women's national football team answered reporters' questions in a post-match press conference after handing over the game to Chinese Taipei.
Maryam Irandoost said at the beginning: "I must say that the Iranian team was an inexperienced team, and I think this tournament taught the children a lot about what they should look like game by game, and most importantly, they realized that  What is their level and how should they be trained to get better?"
 What are your plans for the next round of this tournament? Irandoost replied: "We hope that with the support that has been in these eight months and will definitely continue, with better planning and holding friendly tournaments, we will bring the players to a level where the main tournament is not a place for trial and error for them. I have to point out that the lack of a preparatory game and also the lack of 4 main players in today's game due to Corona affected the performance of our team."
 The head coach of the women's national football team added: "Our expectations were not met. In this game, we expected the children to play on the field, to throw the ball and reach the opponent's goal with high confidence, but the goal we received very soon somehow destroyed my team's head and we could not bring the players back to the game. Between the two halves, we described the tactics through which we wanted to score, but we did not have the tools to score. Our goal was to play on the field, give short passes and reach the opponent's goal, but due to the inexperience of the players, none of our training took place and the players acted emotionally to reach the goal sooner."
 In response to the question how you will use the experience you gained to develop Iranian football, she said: "The most important thing is that we saw the level of competition and what level the teams are at. Anyway, I can not do anything alone and we have to work much more and more professionally on basic football in Iran in order to achieve our goals in such tournaments."
 In the end, she said: "The three main factors of good bodybuilding, tactical work and the most important issue, namely attending competitions and holding preparatory competitions, should be on the team's agenda at least once every 2 or 3 months. In this case, we can succeed in a tonnage like the Asian Cup.  If we proceed according to this plan, considering the great potential of Iranian girls who have a lot of technique and energy, we can be successful in the next Nations Cup."
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