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Publish Date: 27 January 2022 - 21:21
I was underestimated but I finally proved myself
TEHRAN - The head coach of the Iranian national football team had a special praise for his students after qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.
Dragan Skocic said after the 1-0 victory of the Iranian team against Iraq and the promotion to the World Cup: "First of all, congratulations to the players of the national team. The game was very good and the national team players played very well. This was not unique to this game and in all the selected games, the team showed good performance in terms of performance and mentality."
 He added: "It took 10, 15 minutes for the children to adjust to the conditions of the game. I am very proud of my players and I am glad we were able to achieve this result.  If we can make people happy, it will make us happy."
The head coach of the national team stated: "Both the rival team and we faced many problems before the game. For example, European players were added to our group too late. Congratulations to Mehdi Taremi for his great game, he joined us at five or six in the morning, and these problems make us even happier for this win."
In response to the fact that he had experienced difficult days in his two years in the national team, and perhaps many did not believe him in the first days, and when he thinks he had a more difficult experience in the Iranian team, Skocic said: "I have to think a little to Tell me at what point I had difficult days.  We may not be able to say a passage. In the previous two years, the situation was coronary and we went through difficult times. It may have been the hardest time when we did not have the right to lose points (Bahrain qualifiers), but I believed in my work from the beginning and I knew I had a great team.  Many people underestimated me in two years and did not respect my merit, but I finally proved myself."
Asked what message he had for the families of the martyrs, Skocic said: "Anything I say is not a cure for the wounds of these families. I hope that with this momentary victory, we will take them away from their sorrows. I would like to dedicate the joy of victory not only to these friends but to all the people of Iran."
 The head coach of the national team explained about the continuation of cooperation with the Iranian Football Federation: "In the last two years, many people talked about my contract. My contract will last until 2023. I knew from day one that I had to prove myself and that continuing the contract depended on success with the Iranian national team. My plan is to participate in the World Cup with Iran."
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