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Publish Date: 27 January 2022 - 21:18
The fastest and least expensive victory in history
TEHRAN - The president of the Football Federation says that the history of Iranian football has never seen this success and it was the fastest and least expensive victory in history.
Shahaboddin Azizi Khadem, after the 1-0 victory of the national team against Iraq and the promotion to the 2022 World Cup, said: "This great and historic victory, which was achieved thanks to God, to the great and civilized nation of Iran and his family. Congratulations to the martyrs who are the real myths of our country.  The history of Iranian football has never seen this victory and it was the fastest and least expensive victory in history."
He continued: "I congratulate the dear veterans who watched football at the same time as difficult, and also the great nation of Iran who watched the game during the cruel sanctions and are in a good mood.  It is the greatest honor and great happiness for football to bring this enthusiasm to their hearts, and this could not have happened except by the grace of truth."
 Azizi Khadem reminded: "books must be written for the national team to advance to the World Cup.  The national team played in Bahrain in despair, and today, after 7-8 months, you can see that we are proud in Asia and we had the fastest promotion to the World Cup in Asia, and we became one of the top teams in the world.  Congratulations to the media and the people on this ascent. I thank the esteemed President and his deputies, as well as the Minister of Sports.  The fastest bonuses are paid in this period. Bonuses have not been paid yet 7.8 years ago and we see many coaches whose taxes of previous years have not been paid but with the support of the government these bonuses have been paid."
 The president of the football federation, in response to the question that the bonuses of the team members have been paid, said: "Yes, with the special order of the president, on Saturday (the day after tomorrow) the bonuses will be transferred to the account of the team members.  I thank the national media, especially the head of sports of the national media (Foroughi), who helped us a lot.  We kiss the hands of each of the media who helped us in the cold and the heat and stood by the national team that had no hope.  Today we give thanks to God and remember that we should all be thankful to God Almighty.  Today in Asia and the world, our heads are high because a miraculous event has taken place and books must be written for it."
Azizi Khadem said about the future of the national team bench: "There are still 3 games left and we will support the staff as before. Today, you see that the relationship between the football federation and the staff is very close. The union that exists in the staff of the national football team is famous and historic.  Vahid Hashemian and Karim Bagheri are among our football assets. Do not forget that our national football has reached a personality and prestige and is a factor of unity and convergence in society. Compare this calmness and acceptance with previous national teams."
 Regarding the friendly matches and preparations for a successful participation in the World Cup, he clarified: "The World Cup headquarters will start working next week to hold friendly matches, and in this regard, we will plan to make proper preparations.  The first vice president made a special promise that they will be with the national team so that we can have a special preparation, and I hope that this cooperation will last until the World Cup and that we will have a glorious World Cup, by the grace of God."
 The President of the Football Federation in response to the question that women can also participate in league matches?  He said: "Today, happy event took place with the opinion of the government.  The presence of women is related to the government and not to the federation. I would also like to express my special thanks to the Minister of Sports, God willing, so that we can all take this path together to promote football and make people happy."
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