Azizi ‌Khadem: Today's Iranian football is honourable
Shahaboddin Azizi Khadem, President of the Football Federation, attended the wedding ceremony of the creators of Iranian football and said at the beginning of his speech: "We are happy to be among the loved ones who are the real capital of national football. Thanks to God, national football has been presented in important international arenas with dignity and pride. The national team has taken an ambitious look in all areas, the most important part of which is due to your presence, effort, experience and history, which is a valuable history of football, and if football is proud this year, the important part is due to the efforts of all loved ones in various fields. The same is true for women, both in futsal and football."
 He added: "In the field of judging, we also see worthy Iranian girls defending Iran's great name, and it is a place of happiness.  What is really an unwritten interaction between the sports media and the national football or the football federation as the head of the national media is the pride of Iran and the future of national football, and it is a common goal that has brought us all together. The federation is young and active in various fields;  What about women's football, which is a source of pride today, and every time I want to speak as a small member of the football community, women's pride is so new and valuable to me that I speak proudly everywhere.  Also in the field of base teams, the valuable victories of children under the age of fifteen in CAFA competitions are a source of pride, or the national team of hope was something that had to be started and we had to use and plan the bitter experiences that already existed."
 Regarding the successes of Iranian football, the president of the federation said: "In the field of adult national team, what is clear is the satisfaction of public opinion, and today every Iranian is proud of the national team victory and everyone is happy and enjoys that most of you and  as a  football manager, I kiss the hands of all beloved ones, and if I can do anything in the federation, I will serve with all my being.  During the six or seven months I was in the federation, the situation was difficult, but I do not want to go back in time.  Thank you to all the loved ones who worked hard in the past.  In any case, everyone has a point of view and a way for him in the federation, but we tried to have a development-oriented view of national football that encompasses all dimensions.  Of course, national football is not without flaws, but what we have learned is the way of interaction, cooperation and being together, and in the end, it is an honor for dear Iran.  Today, thanks to God, we have set foot on the path to have the fastest ascent to the World Cup, and we are proud of the presence of each and every one of you, and we will surely be by your side with more pride.  But the intensity of the games, both for the women and the national futsal team, and the discussion of talent search and the senior national team, is so great that I have to thank my colleagues in the federation who worked around the clock.
He added: "It is our duty to be with your veterans. We are proud of all of you and each and every one of us who are not with us.  Certainly, the capital of these loved ones and their experiences are great, and with the experiences that these loved ones have, we must plan for the future of football.  We must all contribute to this new atmosphere and promote national football and public confidence.  Talent search is a very important task that has been done for the first time on such a large scale in order to ensure the justice of football distribution. In the field of U15, about 12,000 people were seen. U19 will also start working in the near future. In the field of women and futsal, this is the first time that this talent search has started."
 Azizi Khadem said about the difficult situation due to the sanctions: "As the head of national football, I have no pride and because of the sanctions that prevail, I tried to call if necessary and even ask for a talent to be seen due to financial and livelihood issues. Although we consider the national adult football team as the leader of national football, we did not ignore futsal and women.  We also did not ignore talent search, which is an important issue, and even begged and begged to go this way."
 Regarding the change in the situation of the Iranian national team, the president of the federation said: "If we think about the situation of football in the last six months and how it is now, everything is clear and now the national team is preparing for its fastest rise. People soon forget, but a few months ago, Iranian football was eliminated from the World Cup with a draw in Bahrain, but today, Iranian football is proud.  We are thankful to God and hope that the past will be the beacon of the future.  We are sure that better days are waiting for Iran in this honest path that we are all together."