Irandoost: We are trying to climb out of our group
 Maryam Irandoost said about the conditions of the players in the last training camp before being sent to the Asian Cup: "Considering that India is the host of the Asian Cup and to adapt to our climate, the last training camp before being sent to the Asian Cup in  We held Kish.  Of course, for the past two months, the women's national football team has been a special guest of the Kish Free Zone Organization for a week.
 He added: "The atmosphere and facilities that we currently have are very desirable and acceptable, and the freshness that we needed the players to have before the trip has been created."  I think in the past, one of the big challenges for the women's national football team was that there were no proper facilities.  I am happy that the football federation and my dear servant are behind this team.  I would also like to thank the Free Zone Organization and Mahmoud Pazouki, the Chairman of the Kish Island Football Board, who provided all the conditions for the peace and comfort of the national team.
 The head coach of the national football team said: "In this camp, we are trying to eliminate the weaknesses of the team."  We are discussing the tactical coordination of the players.  We will also review our final plans before the start of the Asian Cup in India, and on Saturday, January 25, we will leave for India on a private flight.
 Irandoost added: Due to the lack of a preparatory game and the fact that nearly four and a half months have passed since the qualifying matches for the Asian Cup.  I hope we can perform well and have some great days in Mumbai.  Fortunately, the children are in good physical and mental condition.
 The head coach of the women's national football team, referring to the private flight of the women's national football team to India, said: "I must appreciate and thank the management of Varesh Airlines for creating a safe and comfortable environment for the women's national team."  The Japanese women's national football team flew an economy flight to participate in the World Cup, but the Iranian women's national football team will be sent to the competition venue by a private flight to participate in the qualifiers as well as the Asian Cup.
 "Our team is participating in the Asian Cup for the first time," she said.  Anyway, we all know that a team like China is the proudest team in this tournament, and Chinese Taipei and India have better conditions than us, but we also try to climb out of our group and go higher.
 In the end, Irandoost noted: "I hope that with the good prayers of the people and the families of the children, we will be able to get good results in the Nations Cup and make the people of Iran happy."